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The Power of Rest.
Dave Webb-Peploe


imageedit125926441241In a book I’ve been reading recently entitled ‘How to survive and thrive as a church leader’, a piece of advice the author Nick Cuthbert gives really caught my eye. In it he describes a scene from Moby Dick: the famous story about a hunt for a huge white whale embarked upon by the iconic & somewhat obsessed Captain Ahab. The scene pictured is one in which the whaleboat launched from Ahab’s main ship scuds across the sea chasing the whale. Some of the sailors are rowing frantically as they move the boat at speed in the direction of the whale. But one man remains motionless and quiet. The harpoonist is perfectly still waiting for his moment to strike.

The point that is made is that when we embark on a significant task, we need to do it out of rest not frantic busyness. This task might be a sermon in my case, an important presentation at work , a cell study or even a key meeting. The bible verse that is quoted is Isaiah 30:15 ‘in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it’.
Now I recognise that for many this will be hard given the busyness of life and numerous commitments, but nevertheless I think it is an important principle to try and follow. So next time you’ve been tasked with delivering the cell study, try to spend some time before hand in prayer, in stillness, in quiet thought or mulling over a particular question and how it might be better phrased. If you do, you never know, the harpoon might hit home more effectively.

As an additional thought there is also benefit in meeting together in order to be quiet and prayerful before a big event. The prayer meeting every Sunday morning at 9-00am before the service at 10-30am  provides an opportunity for us to seek God for the service to come. It’s a very valuable time and all are  welcome to attend.
Finally as we all enter into 2014, may you find time to create space to be still with God not just before big events but also regularly.