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Big IssuesBig Issues

Dave Webb-Peploe introduces our summer's preaching series.

This summer we have an exciting preaching series called ‘Big Issues’, focusing on key areas of the Christian faith where to put it politely, there is much room for debate.
The series begins with a look at the subject of Evolution versus Intelligent Design. The whole topic of creation and evolution is hotly contested not just between Christians and atheists but also amongst believers themselves.
The Christian faith consists of beliefs that are either ‘negotiable’ or ‘non-negotiable’.
One non-negotiable for example (quite clearly stated in the bible) is that in order to be a Christian you need to believe in the resurrection of Jesus (famously hotly debated). It’s a non-negotiable belief because our salvation as Christians is totally dependent on Christ’s resurrection from the dead.
Without it we are lost and much to be pitied.
‘Negotiables’ however allow for differences of opinion without compromising core beliefs, and include such things as ‘Why does God allow suffering?’, ‘Free will or predestination?’, ‘To speak up or remain quiet?’, ‘Is it possible to avoid sin as a Christian?’ ‘End times theology’, etc.
This summer is a good opportunity to look at some of these big issues.
Big Issues 2