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We affirm that the Bible is true
The Bible can and does change lives. We preach it, we discuss it and we apply it.

We declare that the lost matter to God and to us
Extensive effort and resources are spent to reach those yet to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We are authentic
We don’t play at pretending we are something we are not. We are real with our struggles as we disciple one another. We trust that reality with Christ leads to growth and genuine change.

We worship God with joy and enthusiasmimageedit176295951530
We ensure worship plays a key part in all that we do.

We release gifting
We are not all skilled at the same things. We use our own gifts with a servant attitude. We also support as best as possible the gifts of those around us.

We love and look after eachother
We have a family atmosphere with loving relationships. Conflict is sorted out directly and as quickly as possible.

We believe we are Spirit filled and Spirit led
We do our best to give the Spirit space in everything we do.

We profess that we are one new Man in Christ
From every nation, background and age range, all are welcome to be saved and transformed by Christ.

We hold that excellence honours God
We do things to an excellent standard on the basis that this honours God, encouraging eachother in giving our very best.

We are called to the wider community
The church is called to make a significant difference to the wider community. We encourage all activities that advance the kingdom in this way.

We release leaders to lead
Leaders are God appointed to lead and should be released to do so.

We assent to apostolic accountability
External accountability and leadership through apostolic oversight is an essential part of church life.