Easter 19 bannerLet's celebrate Easter!

Sunday 21st April, 10.30am

Come and join us for this family-friendly service, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!

We'll have loads of praise, singing, worship and celebration together.
In the middle there will be a short talk to remind us why the resurrection is so central to all that we believe.
The children (Jubilee Tots and Jubilee Kids) will go to their own teaching and activities for this short part of the service.  

Jesus stepping out of the tomb at the dawn of Easter Sunday is by far the most important event in the whole of human and indeed cosmic history. His resurrection is the first spark of eternal life and permanence to a dark world overcome by death and decay. His resurrection marks the beginning of a new kingdom, a new world, a new universe and a new life for those that believe in him.
It is a cause for huge rejoicing and celebration because it marks a victory that is not limited and temporary but all-encompassing and permanent.
Please come along and join the celebration that marks our entire hope and reason to exist.

Good Friday 19 slideGood Friday, 19th April, 10am

Of course Eater Day and Jesus' resurrection could never have happened but for his sacrifice.
On Good Friday, we will be holding a service in which we will reflect on Jesus death, and what it means for us.
We will gather for worship, contemplation and prayer.
There will be an activity for children during the service, so families are welcome to come.

If you have any questions, why not drop us an email, or contact us here, we'd love to hear from you.