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Community life skills day

Saturday 20th July 10am - 2pm 

We will be holding a community life skills day in July, in which we will be running workshops on a range of skills. 

Adults' workshops 
An opportunity to try different skills in a workshop setting: 
- Cooking and shopping tips - basic Bag of Food, store cupboard tips, how to cook what is in there, combine with shopping tips -  do I always need to buy best on offer? 
- Basic car maintenance - tyre pressure, oil check, water for washers, testing lights
- Sewing - have you had the hassle of a button coming off your shirt, caught your heel in the hem of a trouser leg or got a tiny tear in your clothes? This practical session will try to help you find easy ways of making these repairs. If you have other simple sewing questions we will try to help with those too.
- Cleaning tips - the easiest way to organise and keep clean the living space, tips on materials to use.
- Money - budgeting - how to balance money coming in to money being spent.
- Preparation for work - tips for CV writing & job applications; how to be ready to attend an interview, interview techniques. Feel free to bring along any forms or CV you'd like help with, if time/ numbers permit.
- Smartphone savvysetting up emails and using apps; content will be tailored to individuals within the workshop.
Cutting children's hair - one length girls' cuts, and fringes.

The sessions will be approx 45 minutes each.
We'll be asking you to choose which would be most useful to you.

Children's activities
A similar feel to the adults’ sessions but age-appropriate (all leaders are DBS checked).
Children will need to have an adult on site.

Outline of the day
10am - welcome, drinks & snacks, register for workshop choices
10.15am - Workshop 1
11.00am - drinks
11.15am - Workshop 2
12.00pm - lunch (provided)
12.30pm - Workshop 3
1.15pm - Workshop 4
1.55pm - farewell
2.00pm - end

- Lunch will be provided
- It's all Free!
- Everyone welcome

Please get in touch if you have any questions.
If you would like to come it would really help us if you could please let us know - email  or telephone 01932 228882 (leave a message on the answerphone and we’ll get back to you).
But you'll still be welcome if you just turn up!

5 lifeline workshopsMore info to follow.