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Bathtime and Fireside Reading 
Dave Webb-Peploe


As we head through the dark cold months of winter, it’s easy to get a bit down in the dumps and depressed. As a result we then allow the odd negative thought to creep into our brains and take up permanent residence.

As a possible antidote to this, can I encourage the reading of an uplifting Christian book. Phillip Yancey would be a perfect author, with ‘the Jesus I never knew’ or ‘What’s so amazing about grace’. Tim Keller is also excellent, with, for example ‘The reason for God’ (and we have another ‘Mike’s book club’ date in the diary to look at and discuss Keller’s classic).

At the moment I’m enjoying a biography of CS Lewis called ‘The Narnian’ by Alan Jacobs. It’s thoughtful, delightful and full of charm. Best read in a boiling hot bath in my opinion, but equally at home in some other warm and cosy location.
In the dark months of winter and - dare I say it - of this world too, it’s really important to deliberately and purposefully shine a little light into our lives.

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