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Our Home Groups meet online and in person, please get in touch for details if you’d like to join one.

Home GroupWe are all designed to experience life in connection with other people. Each of our own personal stories are played out among the stories of others around us. At Jubilee Church, we want to help you connect with others.

Home Groups are designed to provide people with a consistent environment in which they can enjoy authentic community and experience spiritual growth.  In a Home Group, people meet regularly to 'do life' with one another and grow deeper in relationship with God and with others. There are many different kinds of Home Groups at Jubilee which meet on various days, times and locations, and with differing 'personalities'. There's sure to be one that you'd like to join - have a chat with one of the leaders who'll help you to find one that's right for you.

If you'd like to know more then please email info@jubileechurchshepperton.org or contact us here.