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Our current preaching series, 'Transformation' dovetails with our vision; the four elements of our vision (Come as you are, Full of the Spirit, Community of believers, Mercy & justice) are all part of every life being transformed by Christ.

Can humans undergo a significant transformation process as a result of faith in Jesus Christ? We look at Romans 12:1-3, a key biblical reference to transformation, to find our answer.
We'll also be taking a look at Paul's letter to the Philippians as he maps out key areas in which the Christian life is transformed:

1 - New Heart
2 - New Purpose
3 - New Attitude
4 - New Responsibilities
5 - New Friendships
6 - New Confidence
7 - New Ambitions
8 - New Resources
9 - New Generosity

For those wishing to follow the series in written form, Nicky Gumbel’s book, ‘A life worth living’ is well worth purchasing. But we won't be holding the preachers to the exact wording of the book - they have significant permission to look at the text and draw their own conclusions.
Let’s hope and pray that we don’t just study transformation but that we experience it in our lives as well.

Our sermons are by a variety of preachers including elders of the church, other church members with a preaching/ prophetic gift, and guest speakers.

Our sermons are recorded and are available to stream live or to download.

A set of study notes are usually produced, which are useful for group or individual study.

We trust that God will bless and speak to you as you listen to the sermons and study his word.